Snooker’s Triple Crown

Snooker is a very popular spectator sport and many people who watch it also enjoy to play the amateur game themselves. Since it is very easy to get involved, simply by buying your own cue and heading down to a snooker hall or puMark_King_at_Snooker_German_Masters_(DerHexer)_2015-02-04_04b the practice, many who play it a hobby can really identify with the game when they watch it live, or even on television.

Interestingly, snooker was used to push the idea of color broadcasting on television in the UK. Because most of the big tournaments are in the UK and were broadcast on television, those who wanted to push for full color utilized the bright green surfaces and red balls to show the higher ups of what an impact its introduction could have on the media world – they were not wrong.

But back to snooker- There are hundreds of tournaments organised around the world and from a game that was quite exclusively dominated by British players, it has evolved and spread far and wide around the world, with professionals coming from China, the US, Australia, Hong Kong and many other places.

All year round, the players compete in tournaments all over the world to try and climb the rankings. In doing so, they secure better draws for the big three competitions, which are known as the Triple Crown or the Big Three. All these events are broadcast on the UK’s BBC channel and include the World Championship, the UK Championship and the Masters. There is a special club of 10 players who have won the Triple Crown and only three of those – Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry and Mark Williams have won all three events in a single season. Only one of the 10 players in the club is not from the UK, actually hailing from Australia.