Trick Shots

While the real skill in pool or snooker lies in re positioning the white cue ball to line up for the next shot, there is also a spin off in the world of trick shots.

Aside from all the crazy mousetrap style shots that are all over the internet these days, with carefully lined up balls whizzing round bar counters and ontMark_Selby_at_Snooker_German_Masters_(DerHexer)_2015-02-08_13o tables, there are some players who dedicate their lives to sharpening up their skills and pulling off amazing tricks.

To get these tricks right, over and over again with a paying public putting performers under extreme scrutiny takes dedication and daily practice. It is not something that you try a couple of times and just get the hang of. For starters, the balls must always be placed in exactly the same spot. If they are slightly out, the trick shot expert can make slight corrections with his cue and aim, but if it just a fraction wrong, then the whole trick goes up in smoke.

Most trick shot entertainers also make the use of assistants, who use visual cues to make sure everything is in place before the shot is made.

Of course, there is a great deal of creativity and showmanship involved and trick shot experts are always scheming to come up with new ideas. Some of the tricks they perform can be repeated in a pub with a bit of practice, but the surface of the table also plays a large part in how everything pans out.

Some professional snookers players are known to take part in the trick shot exhibitions, and Englishman Steve Davis was not only an incredible snooker player, but also a trick shot master with a very funny sense of humor.

Many professional trick shot experts organize world tours and a lot of them are based in Las Vegas where they perform at the glitzy hotels.